Carol Ann's Favorite Things in Glendora

Dated: March 13 2017

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Carol Ann has been with Dilbeck Real Estate for two years, and has 12 years of experience in the real estate industry. She worked in the restaurant management business in shipping and consulting for 25 years, but made the switch to real estate because of her love of houses. Carol Ann moved out to California two years ago from Chicago with her husband, a Glendora native, and their 12-year-old daughter. She also has a 22-year-old step daughter attending the University of Minnesotta. Carol Ann enjoys the California weather and exploring the various neighborhoods of L.A. with her family.

Q: Favorite local restaurant?

A:  Satu Thai-bistro. It’s actually in Azusa the next town over, a little hole-in-the-wall place. The best Thai food and every-time I tell somebody about it they’re addicted. We go there probably once a week.

Q: Favorite local coffee shop?

A: It’s called Mantra Coffee, and it’s an old house they converted into a coffee shop. It’s like a million Pinterest boards have come together. It’s just a visual, beautiful place, but it’s also a cool place because there’s a lot of giving back at that coffee shop and I like that. They have a board where you can actually buy people’s coffee ahead of time. Also right down the street, Classic Coffee is a great place; I usually get a chai tea or dark roast.

Q: Favorite local hangout spot?

A: We tend to hang out outdoors. I spend a lot of time going to the dog park or the coffee shops.

Q: Favorite day trip?

A: We like to go explore. We recently went to the Rancho Santa Ana Botanical Gardens in Claremont and then went to the farmer’s market afterwards so we are always looking for something that involves something outdoors and something else. So whether it’s taking the train and going to a museum or getting on the train and just going to Olvera Street and grab lunch.

Q: Favorite organization to volunteer for?

A: I’ve always been really involved with March of Dimes; my daughter was a preemie so I’ve always done the annual march. I also volunteer at my daughter’s school.

Q: Favorite Park or recreational area?

A:  South Hills Park is a great place to go walking and there’s a dog park at the base.  

Q: Favorite family fun adventure?

A: We do like to go to art museums or hiking up to Griffith Observatory.

Q: Favorite place to shop?

A: The closest place we go is the Santa Anita mall in Arcadia; we tend to like to go to the Grove and Santa Monica. We try to make it about more than just the shopping. We also like the Melrose Trading Post, on Sundays. It’s kind of a flea market but it’s more than that it’s a cool place to just go and look and people watch.

Q: Favorite holiday tradition?

A: Family is a big deal for me, I’m the eldest of five and I’ve got 12 nieces and nephews, we all go back to Chicago and spend time together. 

Q: Favorite building or architectural style?

A: Since moving to California, I’ve become obsessed with Mid-century, I can’t get enough of it. There was a little exhibit at the botanic garden last weekend that was cool they had a lot of the history of the Claremont area, some of the architects and where they came from.

Q: Favorite thing about working and living in this community?

A: It’s simple. The day-to-day living is very relaxed, very calm, especially compared to where I came from living in the heart of downtown Chicago. Everything is right there, I love that people are outdoors and doing stuff, it’s a quaint community. Even though it’s a bigger city it has that very small town mentality.

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