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Dated: February 13 2017

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Originally from Pennsylvania, the daughter of a contractor, Daina Burness eventually made her way out west. Daina ended up moving to Burbank to help her daughter Courtney as she showed an interest in acting. She has been with the Dilbeck family for about ten years. She started her real estate career after having a negative experience with an agent while purchasing a home. Feeling like her agent wasn’t looking out for her interests, Daina knew she could do a better job to help people with their real estate needs. After passing the Real Estate License Examination in 2007, Daina met with one of Dilbeck’s agents at the time, Mike Napolitano. With her daughter growing up, Daina had more time to commit to her career and began what would be a successful decade-long career focusing on the Burbank community. Most recently, she was named Agent of the Year by the Burbank Association of Realtors, and has continued to actively volunteer with local organizations.   

Q: Favorite local restaurant?

A: This is going to sound horrible because it’s a chain but I like Granville; I like it mostly because it’s a location I can walk to, there are other things surrounding it so if you’re finished with your food and you want to go to a movie or go for a cup of coffee, if you want to do something else, it’s right there. One of their servers is so outstanding, when you have dietary restrictions she just knows how to say 'oh no - we can do this instead'. We have the ice skating rink during the winter, which is also walking distance. 

Q: Favorite local coffee shop?

A: I don’t really have a favorite local coffee shop, because I like to make my own. I could walk to Starbucks, but I like to go to people’s houses and just have coffee with friends.

Q: Favorite local hangout spot?

A: If I’m going to do something that’s personal for me, I go to Oasis Nail Spa and hang out with the women.

Q: Favorite day trip?

A: I like to go to Malibu, I think it’s lovely there, even if you’re just going to have some fresh seafood and look at the ocean.

Q: Favorite hobby?

A: All time favorite hobby would be horseback riding, but I don’t do it anymore because I have a bad back. Nowadays I like talking with friends and just hanging out with them. I like volunteering with charities.

Q: Favorite weekend excursion?

A: I would probably say to a winery, because it’s relaxing, Temecula has some great wineries and you can drive there in a few hours and get home in a few hours. I tend to like very high priced wines, I found that out while on a trip to Italy.

Q: Favorite organization to volunteer for?

A: Through the Burbank Association of Realtors, I have become very involved with the Community Service Foundation (CSF), and this year Mary Whittle and I were co-chairs of our auction. It’s a lot of work but it’s also a lot of fun. I tend to give back in that regard, I’m working with other realtors so we keep it all in the family I guess…but it’s really fun. Our biggest thing is the scholarships that we give to the local high school students, that’s the biggest thing that we do with that CSF fund. Dilbeck always contributes which is good, and we thank them for that. It’s a silent and regular auction, so there are certain live auction items those are typically higher priced items. This year one of them was a trip to South Coast Winery in Temecula. One of them was a racecar experience, and then of course we have silent auction items for which we go out and solicit donations from not only our other realtors and affiliates, but from the local community as well. So we have had Flappers Comedy Club, Oasis Nail Spa, Krimson Hair Studio, so those are all local, we try and get the community involved.

Q: Favorite hidden treasure (hole-in-the-wall)?

A: El Carpintero, it’s a breakfast and lunch place, most of the time we would go there for breakfast. It’s a tiny little Mexican place, it’s literally a hole-in-the-wall you would not even know that this was here.

Q: Favorite family fun adventure?

A: Disneyworld…as a family we have gone there multiple times and loved it, it was a family thing that we did once a year for a really long time. What used to be called MGM studios, which is now I believe called Hollywood Studios is probably my favorite park there, but you also have the animal park which is great, you have some water parks. Loved it all, it’s completely different than Disneyland. Once you go to Disneyworld, Disneyland seems minute, it seems very tiny. I like staying on a Disney property; we tended to stay at the yacht club because you could walk to Epcot, which has insanely good food, you don’t need a car, it was kind of central and you can get to everything. There’s so much to do you can’t fit it in unless you’re going to stay for two weeks so you will always go back.

Q: Favorite place to shop?

A: Mindful Nest, it’s on Magnolia close to Lima Street and it is local artists that make jewelry, it’s mostly jewelry, you’ll have some house-ware things, and some clothing, you can make your own bath stuff if you want to …they have all that there. Mostly it’s local people creating the stuff so I like to shop local, I like small businesses. I mean we are a small business, think about it as Realtors we’re small business, so I like to give back to those people.

Q: Favorite building or architectural style?

A: I tend to like homes that are like the ones back east. I like a front porch a true porch, not just something that’s hanging over my door, I like a true front porch. I tend to like colonial style homes, simply because that’s how I grew up, but I do understand the appeal of a Spanish home, when I look at them in their character. I tend to like a character home, especially inside. I don’t care that it’s new, I can change it, and a lot of times I don’t want to change it, I like to keep the character of that home. You can update certain things but once you remove the character of the home, it doesn’t look like the home anymore. So I would tend to say that I like colonial style and my back up being Spanish homes because of the character. 

Q: Favorite thing about working and living in this community?

A: I like the people here, Burbank is a small town feel with access to big city stuff. So you can get to the wonderful plays, and concerts, and things like that. We have our own airport, so if you don’t have to fly out of LAX or don’t want to your alternative is very close. You can’t beat Burbank airport. Most of the people that were attracted to Burbank, including myself, it is because of the school system. It’s an outstanding overall school system from start to finish, obviously from year to year things go up and down but for the most part I would say the school system is excellent.

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