Fresh Faces of 2018!

Dated: February 7 2019

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2018 has brought some truly amazing agents to our family! Coming from all walks of life and nearly every corner of SoCal, our agents continue to represent the very heart of Southern California real estate.

Every year, we look back at the successes of our team with delight and know that more than any feature, tool, or service, it’s our people that make us who we are. Our family continues to grow as agents, team members, and clients choose to tell their real estate story with us, carrying with them a legacy nearly 70 years strong.

Welcome to all the fresh faces to join us in 2018. We look forward to being a part of your journey and watching your businesses evolve and grow!

Amanda Ellaboudy | Santa Clarita
Angel Solis | Arcadia
Anna Aleksanyan | Burbank
Annette Colon-Alvarenga | Studio City
Ayaka Perino | Pasadena
Brett Swenson | Glendale
Caitlin Phan | San Marino
Chao Zhao | Santa Clarita
Cindy Russo | Santa Clarita
Dan Nelson | La Cañada
Danny Gomez Jr | Pasadena
Daphne Cox | Burbank
David Kurey | Burbank
Dawn Hicks | Pasadena
Dean Austin | Studio City
Diana Gallardo | Pasadena
Diana Innabi | Pasadena
Eduard Galstyan | Glendale
Esther Kim | La Cañada
Tom Katsikakis | Glendora
Helena Diamond | Santa Clarita
Janice Meng | San Marino
Jay Akopyan | La Crescenta
Jenifer Arroyo | Arcadia
Jenna Levine | Westlake Village
Joanne Bowland | Studio City
Joe Azar | Santa Clarita
John Burch | La Cañada
Juan Carlos Argueta | Pasadena
Julia Barnett | Camarillo
Julia Hilario | Encino
Kady Martin | Westlake Village
Kailin Genton | Studio City
Kaitlyn Bell | Pasadena
Karen Flores | Studio City
Karine Haitayan | La Cañada
Karolin Panosyan | Burbank
Kathy Boghossian | Glendale
Kelly Taylor | Camarillo
Kenny Sharman | Studio City
Kimberley Taveira | Burbank
Kimberly Kirven | Studio City
Laura Londono | Pasadena
Luiza Petrosyan | Burbank
Luke Allen | Studio City
Mara Somma | Westlake Village
Maria Bitonti | Arcadia
Marie “Maral” Kazandjian | Glendale
Matt Cummins | Glendora
Matthew Bernal | Studio City
Mayte Jimenez | Santa Clarita
Naomi McClure | Santa Clarita
Nelli Davtyan | La Crescenta
Olga Bisserier | Westlake Village
Paul Stevens | Westlake Village
Peter Achberger | Westlake Village
Ramani Titus | Pasadena
Rhonda Bierschenk | Westlake Village
Ric Duran | Glendale
Richard Christensen | Pasadena
Roger Felix | La Cañada
Sanjuana Perez | Studio City
Sarah Chan | Arcadias
Saro Halajian | Glendale
Scott Fairchild | Santa Clarita
Sean Hassan | Santa Clarita
Sevada Yeghsanian | Glendale
Sharon Garay | Santa Clarita
Shelly Kemp | Burbank
Sheri Veraldi | Glendora
Stephanie Robertson | Pasadena
Suzanne Kochamba | Glendale
Talin Amirian | Glendale
Taylor Teodosio | Studio City
Tena Bates | Studio City
Vahe Torosian | Glendale
Winston Thornbury | Burbank

And so far in 2019, we’ve welcomed:

Alexandra Adipoeri-Wells | La Cañada
Anson Jackson | Westlake Village
David Hernandez | Glendora
Elsa Jimenez | Burbank
Hera Der-Gevorgian | Burbank
Jayden Park | Pasadena
Martha Rosales | Glendora

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