Lindsay's Favorite Things in Santa Clarita

Dated: March 27 2017

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Lindsay Weatherford is a native of Orange County and has been living in the Santa Clarita Valley with her husband, two young children and two step children for four years. Lindsay previously worked in the entertainment industry for 10 years, managing various post-production projects. After finding out she was pregnant with her second child, she decided to move away from the long hours and high stress of the entertainment business. With her father working as a land broker for 40 years, real estate is in her blood. She received her Real Estate license in July of 2016 and began working with Dilbeck Real Estate. She chose Dilbeck after a fellow mom and realtor highly recommended the family and team-oriented environment.

Q: Favorite local restaurant?

A: On the other side of town there’s a little Italian restaurant called Piccola Trattoria, that’s right on Sierra Highway. It’s the best Italian food in this valley for sure, in my opinion. It’s close to my house which I like, and it’s just a small family owned place.

Q: Favorite local coffee shop?

A: There is a tea house that I like, the Tea Garden. I gave up coffee when I found out I was pregnant and that was almost 4 years ago, and I have been drinking tea ever since. 

Q: Favorite local hangout spot?

A: My life is work and my kids, so Gymboree, swim lessons at the YMCA, the mall. Our mall is very family-friendly. We have a couple of really good play areas there, both indoor and outdoor. Honestly I spend a lot of time at our Town Center. I try to get in a work out once or twice a week at my gym and spend some time there when I can. Our parks are pretty nice; we have a good public park system. The library is great for kids reading groups. They’re building a Laemmle Theater in New Hall, so I’m excited for that to come here so we can see some indie films and documentaries.

Q: Favorite day trip?

A: My family is in Orange County, when we get out of town it’s usually to go there. We do Disneyland a couple times a year so we go down to Anaheim. I love wine tasting, we have some great wineries in Agua Dulce which is out here so sometimes my husband and I, if we get an afternoon to ourselves, go taste some wine. Ventura is also real close, I think driving to Ventura is actually closer to us than Malibu is. For museums we have a membership to Kidspace in Pasadena, I try to get down there once every other month to make the membership worth it. My kids love it!

Q: Favorite hobby?

A: I love to cook. My family is vegetarian, leaning vegan. I have a lot of vegan cook books at home. I like to get together with other moms…I have things that I would love to learn how to do but I haven’t had the time yet. I’d love to learn how to play tennis. Wine is a fun thing for my husband and I, just to get out there and try wine. Cooking, yoga, we have a pool, so we swim a lot.

Q: Favorite weekend excursion?

A: Honestly since my kids are so small, we don’t leave them overnight very often at all. I haven’t had a weekend excursion without the kids in a long time. But when we do go somewhere for a weekend, I take my kids and we go spend a weekend with my parents in Orange County. We went up to Santa Cruz for a weekend; we’ve gone to Vegas (kid-friendly places) and Palm Springs. It’s easier when you have small kids, just to not get on a plane, and drive a couple of hours.

Q: Favorite organization to volunteer for?

A: Since being involved in real estate, I’m recently getting back involved in volunteering. I’ve done a couple of food drives for the Santa Clarita Valley Food Pantry that was really nice, I enjoyed that. I collected about 30 to 40 bags of food from my neighborhood. I want to, reach out to a CSA, it’s a collection of organic farmers. They bring you a box of seasonal, fresh, organic produce every week. It’s called Abundant Harvest Organics.

Q: Favorite Park? 

A: I take them to the one closest to our house because I can walk there, it’s called Begonias Park. My kids love it, and I like it because the playground area is fenced in, so if I lose sight of him I’m not worried, so it gives me a little peace of mind.

Q: Favorite hidden treasure?

A: There’s a place right off Sierra Highway, it’s called Man’ousheé, it’s a Lebanese bakery. They make this thing that is so good, it’s like a spicy potato bowl, and its vegan so I don’t have any guilt eating it. It’s so good that every time my mom comes out, to visit from Orange County, she always wants the potato bowl. So I go there once a month or once every other month to get it. That’s probably my favorite hole-in-the-wall type of place, I would have never known it was there if I hadn’t just stumbled upon it.

Q: Favorite family adventure?

A: We love Disney, probably just one of the day trips we talked about, like taking the kids to Kidspace Museum, or going to Ventura and walking around the downtown area for the day. As my kids get older we’ll expand on that more.

Q: Favorite place to shop?

A: I don’t buy much for myself these days, mostly what I buy is for my kids. Honestly, I buy most of my clothes at Target or Kohl’s. I do a lot of shopping on amazon, we have a prime membership so it’s really easy.

Q: Favorite holiday tradition?

A: We have a candy cane lane out here. They do really spectacular lights, fantastic lights on the houses, so we go there. For Halloween, a good tradition is the Real Life Church out here does a really good Trick-or-Treat Festival for the kids and its free, so that’s a fun thing that a lot of families do. For Easter my parents do an Easter egg hunt at their house every year. For Christmas, my son and I make a gingerbread house every year, we build it together. Maybe next year his sister will be old enough to help us out with that.

Q: Favorite building or architectural style? 

A: The one that comes to mind for me is the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Downtown L.A., it’s beautiful, I love that building. I don’t see it very often as much as I used to. I used to be a season ticket holder to the Ahmanson, so I used to go down there often, or at least as much as my season tickets would allow me, but I haven’t bought season tickets in a couple of years because its just too hard to get away. But that building comes to mind, I love some of the craftsman houses in Pasadena, Eagle Rock, and the Glendale area. The craftsman style of architecture, I just love it!

Q: Favorite thing about working and living in this community?

A: My favorite thing about working and living in this community is, avoiding L.A. traffic. Before this I worked in Burbank and the commute was just not fun, so the fact that I live in Santa Clarita and I work in Santa Clarita, it’s very nice because I can avoid a lot of traffic, and it’s nice working in your community where you live too, you can really feel like a part of the community.

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