New Years Resolutions Every Agent Should Make (And Keep) in 2018

Dated: December 22 2017

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We’re flipping over that calendar year again and it’s a great time to evaluate, take stock of your business, and create some new habits (and maybe eliminate some old ones).

For those looking to make a fresh start in 2018, here’s a few things every agent can do to make the next year THE year!

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#1: Google Yourself

Your web presence is probably all over the place (don’t worry, mostly everyone has the same problem). There’s a ton of digital noise out there, and if you’ve been in the business a while, you probably have a few old websites, social profiles, blogs, and random digital mayhem attached to your name. Don’t worry, getting things all cleaned up isn’t as difficult as you think.

Here are the steps to clean up your Google act:

  • Google your name and anything related to your business in Private or Incognito Mode on your browser.
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#2: Update Your Bio

I know, I know! Writing your own bio is right on par with going to the dentist for most every professional. But you’ve probably made some contacts, closed some transactions, and maybe even learned a few things in 2017 that are worth mentioning. Your bio IS your listing descriptions, but you’re not selling a house. You’re selling something infinitely more valuable, you, your time, and your experience.

Here’s a few clever bio writing tips from the pros to get you started. Still, need some inspiration? Check out Hubspot’s “6 of the Best Professional Bio Examples We’ve Ever Seen”.

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#3: Get Ready For Your Close Up

That’s right! It’s picture time! If you’re anything like the rest of us, you put off refreshing your headshot until someone notices you’re wearing clothes from a different decade. I don’t need to tell you headshots are crazy important, but I’m going to. They act as part of your personal branding and are seen literally everywhere! They’re on marketing materials, email signatures, profile pictures, websites and everywhere else your business has a presence.

A great headshot can:

  • Build trust in your brand

A old or outdated headshot can basically do the exact opposite! Go ahead, you’re a brand! Represent!

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#4: Let’s Get Statistical!

Who runs the world? Data! Analytics, insights, and demographics are everywhere and are attached to every professional online service you use. Everything from website traffic, Facebook interactions, to email campaigns have a backend you could be making use of.

Pro Tip: You can even get in-real-life demographics by zip code for free here, and discover details about your chosen farm area, neighborhood, or community.

You should get started with the basics:
Google Analytics

Facebook Insights

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#5: Find Your Inspiration

It sounds cheesy, I know. But the truth is, all top producing agents are driven to succeed. Be it through the spirit of competition, desire to care for family, or the hunt for financial independence, every successful agent has something they fight for.

You’re your own boss! No one is standing over your shoulder with deadlines, quotas, and holding you accountable for your production and success. It’s just you. That’s an empowering (and intimidating) position. Finding your inspiration for 2018 can be the difference between pushing through on lead generation and working the extra hours on a listing presentation or just giving up to binge-watching Netflix.

You can do it! 2018 is your year!

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