Seema's Favorite Things in Westlake Village

Dated: February 27 2017

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Seema Chandra has been working as a realtor in the Conejo Valley since 2013. Seema is married with three adult kids, and has been a resident of Oak Park for nine years. Originally from the Bay Area, she studied electrical engineering at UC Berkeley, and worked in that field until she decided to stay home to spend more time raising her children. She was active in the community and participated in many volunteering opportunities through her children’s schools. When her husband received a great job offer, the family packed up and moved from San Jose to Thousand Oaks. After a couple of mediocre experiences with realtors, she decided she could do a better job to help her community members buy and sell homes. She began her real estate career searching for new opportunities to learn and develop, and enjoys being self-employed. Seema loves living in the Conejo Valley because it is family oriented, has great hiking trails, great schools, friendly people, and is one of the safest cities in Southern California.

Q: Favorite local restaurant?

A: I like Mexican food a lot, I guess I’ll say Cisco’s right here right next to our office, it’s a good Mexican place we like to hang out there.

Q: Favorite local coffee shop?

A: There’s one place in Oak Park, that’s family-owned still, called Beanscene Espresso. It’s nice because it’s not a chain or anything, and we have a Starbucks in the same shopping center…but they seem to be surviving because locals have always known it so they like to patronize it because it’s a locally owned shop.

Q: Favorite day trip?

A: I like to go to Santa Barbara, it’s a nice day trip we are only an hour away. I like State Street, they have cool restaurants and you can walk around and sometimes we go to the beach front where we can rent those little bikes, so sometimes I do that with my family.

Q: Favorite hobby?

A: I like reading, I’m in a book club. It helps me make sure I’m reading. I read more fiction, sometimes historical fiction, sometimes I’ll look through the best seller list and pick something out. Once in awhile I will have a book on the side, that’s a business related book about improving yourself. I love seeing my friends, we like getting together and socializing.

Q: Favorite weekend excursion?

A: Las Vegas is fun we go there once in awhile when we have a few days.

Q: Favorite organization to volunteer for?

A: I’ve been helping someone with this international charity, it’s called Retina India International. He’s an Ophthalmologist and we are trying to raise funds because Retina problems are becoming a really big issue in a lot of poor countries and it’s worse than cataracts, there is a lot of help out there for cataracts, this is worse because you lose your sight. I’m actually on the board for this charity, trying to raise money so we can buy equipment so doctors can diagnose these problems.

Q: Favorite Park or recreational area?

A: I like going down to Zuma Beach that’s not too far from here it only takes us like 20 minutes to get there. In fact I went there first week of January and it was beautiful, I mean usually you don’t go to the beach in January but it’s so nice and clean and it was a nice day.

Q: Favorite hidden treasure (hole-in-the-wall)?

A: There’s this Indian restaurant I like to go to in the valley, it’s off of Desoto. It doesn’t look great from the outside, but they have really great Indian food. It’s called Baba Sweets. You have to order at the counter, but the food is one of our favorites, sometimes we will go down there for a weekend lunch and it’s very reasonable, super cheap. Most Indian restaurants are not vegetarian, they have chicken, but this one is completely vegetarian, a little spicy, but really good and they make everything fresh. They have readymade curries and they have fresh naan that they bring out to you. He started as a sweet shop and then he got popular and expanded into lunch and dinner.

Q: Favorite family fun adventure?

A: We like going to Hawaii once in awhile, every few years all of us will get together and spend the week there. The climate is really good, there’s the ocean, it’s very tropical with the flowers and there’s a lot of water stuff you can do. I’m really chicken to go into the water here because it’s so cold, but in Hawaii the water is so warm, so I actually go into the ocean.

Q: Favorite place to shop?

A: I like H&M, I think its fun and trendy, my daughter likes it so I started discovering it. I like it because it’s reasonable so you can run in and get something you need and you don’t have to worry about spending a lot.

Q: Favorite holiday tradition in this neighborhood?

A: Even though I’m not Christian, I still do Christmas; I think I treat it as a cultural holiday because it’s all around me so I do the whole tree and everything. Since my kids were very little I got this cool Advent Calendar, and it’s reusable it’s got these little Velcro toys it’s like a quilted thing. I put it up this year, and even though my kids are so grown up they still love it, and family members come over and say ‘oh you still have it! It’s so cool we remember you having this.’ I’ve had it for over 24 years and everyone loves it.

Q: Favorite building or architectural style?

A: I like contemporary more of the modern look for buildings. I do love the Getty Museum’s architecture. I have taken the architecture tour up there and I love it. For homes I like the newer look more than the older look, but I do like the Italian Villa look. We have some very nice homes in Westlake, and they are all unique homes, some of them have the Italian Villa look and I like that.

Q: Favorite thing about working and living in this community?

A: I like it because people here are very nice, and professional in how they treat you. It’s beautiful, I love the mountains around us, looking at the scenery, I always admire the mountains. It’s smaller overall so we are kind of near a big city but especially Oak Park is a small town feel, you see people over and over again. I could go walking and run into somebody I know or go to the local coffee shop, so I like that feeling of knowing people in the local community and yet I am close enough if I need something more and want to go to bigger places, I have L.A. right there.

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