Toni's Favorite Things in Glendale

Dated: March 6 2017

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Toni Motte has been with Dilbeck Real Estate for over 20 years. She began her real estate career after a couple of friends in the business suggested it would be a great fit. She loves putting deals together and hunting with buyers for their home. Toni attended USC, majoring in Public Administration. After graduating, she worked for an assemblyman and eventually ended up working in the private sector. Ten years later she decided to turn her passion for homes and helping people, into a career. Toni lives in the Highland Park neighborhood and has two kids, who are now successful adults. 

Q: Favorite local restaurant?

A:  I love Barragan’s down on central, I love their tacos, especially Monday night they have $1 tacos and they’re good - very authentic.

Q: Favorite local hangout?

A: I used to go to Glenoak’s Deli, it had burnt down and I think it’s up and running, but I used to go there all the time. They’re nice, it’s friendly (I’m a people person) and their sandwiches are good.

Q: Favorite day trip?

A: Going to a football game, a USC game absolutely, because it’s a 10-hour event.

Q: Favorite hobby?

A: SC football.

Q: Favorite weekend excursion?

A: For a long weekend, we would be going to see our daughter up in Seattle.

Q: Favorite organization to volunteer for?

A: Holy Family where we go to church in South Pasadena, whether it’s making phone calls, raising money for certain events coming up, their auction etc.

Q: Favorite Park or recreational area?

A: I do enjoy playing golf up at Scholl canyon, its close by and I enjoy that. And I go to the local YMCA here down the street.

Q: Favorite hidden treasure (hole-in-the-wall)?

A: My husband and I really enjoy the pizza over at Two Guys on Verdugo.

Q: Favorite family fun adventure?

A: Taking them all to football games was always so much fun, taking them to the beach and just doing anything with them when they were little, and now as adults going out to dinner.

Q: Favorite place to shop?

A: I love the outlets, Camarillo, that’s fun to do. It’s always fun to go to a Marshall’s or TJ Maxx, the Glendale Galleria to pick something up real quick, and if it’s food I enjoy Trader Joe’s or Ralph’s.

Q: Favorite holiday tradition in this neighborhood?

A: I think it’s just a matter of all of us getting together, and now that everyone’s grown with different schedules and families expanding, it’s a matter of really getting that time and effort and getting everyone together.

Q: Favorite building or architectural style?

A: One of my favorite buildings in Glendale, is definitely the Library at Brand Park, I love the Spanish and Mediterranean homes in Rossmoyne and Northwest Glendale.

Q: Favorite thing about working and living in this community?

A: In the Rossmoyne area, you have homes built in the 20s, 30s, 40s, so I love that character of home; the tree-lined streets, the old light posts, it feels good to drive through there. There’s just something about it it’s easy to maneuver and get around for me. I like the diversity of Glendale and actually Glendale is the third largest city in L.A. County so I feel like I fit in this location, I like our office, and I like the diversity.

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